The Bible

an incredible comedy show!

A street preacher will try to spread the WORD, while a troupe of clowns will do their best to INTERPRET the readings of the bible, and even though their will is to be accurate to the lesson, their naivety will get in the way.

The Bible (Street clown version) is a provocative piece which portraits a challenge between the street preacher readings of the bible and the interpretation that a troupe of homeless clowns will make of it.

The public will face this innocent and in good faith, clash between the ideal and the reality, the misinterpretation and the findings, the looking for the truth and at the end, that being a human is somehow having sincere flaws.

It is El Telon Theatre (multicultural cast) second participation in the Anywhere Festival, and this year is not only about being part of this great event, is about to make it even greater!

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The Bible @ East Brisbane Bowls Club


East Brisbane Bowls Club
38 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane QLD 4169

38 Lytton Road
East Brisbane QLD 4169
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Duration/Opening Times

4:00pm (50min)