The One Room of the House

The One Room of the House is a series of seven monologues all set in the smallest room of the house, the toilet. Each monologue explores one of the seven deadly sins and their place in today’s society. Are they still considered the big bad? Or do they now have a celebrated place in us all?

Pride: A young gay man explores and rehearses how will come out to conservative family and how to express his acceptance and pride in his identity.

Gluttony: A stressed girl recounts the night before. A night full of drinking , dancing and overindulgence all to escape the anxieties of her day. Haven’t we all needed to blow off steam?

Lust: A young passionate woman has an itch only she can scratch. She ponders whether feeding her insatiable hunger is normal or signs of a deeper problem.

Wrath: Two angry teenage brothers escape the horrors of their neglectful parents to the one room where they won’t be bothered. They plan their revenge against those that they feel have ruined their lives and find solace in their brotherly bond.

Sloth: An exhausted mother struggles to find the energy to look after her twins. Each morning is a struggle to get out of bed. After an incident where her son gets hurt when she’s too exhausted to pay attention, she beats herself up on her self-perceived laziness.

Envy: A jealous young man sees a friend from high school in a popular tv show living the life he wish he had. He struggles with coming to terms that his lack of success is due to his own entitlement.

Greed: A woman is angry with her ex boyfriends new relationship. She has mixed feelings about it and doesn’t know whether she is just being selfish or if her feelings are perfectly acceptable.

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The One Room of the House @ USC


University of the Sunshine Coast
90 Sippy Downs Dr, Sippy Downs QLD 4556

90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs QLD 4556
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Cultural, Art & Community


Sunshine Coast

Duration/Opening Times

60 - 65 mins