Hot Cult

Go Back To What Feels Right!

Our days are becoming so busy here in the city. Sometimes it takes a bit of reminding to just stop, and savour the little joys of existence. This is going to be that reminder.

The SUI Ensemble presents ‘Hot Cult’. Go back to what feels right.

‘Hot Cult’ contains a simple molecular blend of nerve and talent, now with twice the talent for good measure!

Our signature, authentic, chic SUI style is back for our new experiential performance experience. It’s ergonomically designed to fit right in your heart. My name is Esther Dougherty and I founded the SUI Ensemble in 1992. We have been striving to perfect our signature interactive, performance technique for some time now, because we believe in finding elegant solutions to daily problems. We are now, for a limited time only offering new ‘Hot Cult’ with a 6 month interest free finanacing scheme and a 365 day fulfilment guarantee. 

So get yours today! Book now!

Directed by Esther Dougherty, Devised, Written and Performed by the SUI Ensemble

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Hot Cult @ East Brisbane Bowls Club


East Brisbane Bowls Club
38 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane QLD 4169

38 Lytton Road
East Brisbane QLD 4169
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Cultural, Art & Community
Weird + Wonderful



Duration/Opening Times

120 minutes