Short, simple, silly and superb.

A delightful little romp that has plenty of playful shtick but also offers some touching reminders of the ups and downs of developing a strong friendship. Discover how the power of friendship can turn someone’s life upside down and help them fly to new heights in this original, fun, exciting and uplifting comedy for all ages.

Originally written for children by Barry Kornhauser, Balloonacy! transcends into theatre for seniors, people with language difficulties  and those with special rights. Think the silent era of early film and the clowning style of Jaques Tati, Jerry Lewis and Marcel Marceau combined.

Kids under 2 years FREE!

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  1. Don't let your children miss this!

    Balloonacy written by Barry Kormhauser
    Directed by Anne Grant for 3b CREATIVE
    An innocent child’s mind is alive with bright colours, fantastical shapes, jewel encrusted trinket boxes, hidden treasures, and corners that hide the unexpected. The venue for the 3B production of Balloonacy is like the mind we all had before exposure to the realities of life and all its burdens.
    The eclecticicity – is that even a word? Who cares! Lets speak candidly here …the eclecticicity of the venue was perfect for the production and the production, was more than perfect for the venue and proof that theatre work does not have to take place in conventional theatre spaces.
    Greeted with warmth and enthusiasm I settled to watch the show in what must be one of the most beautiful, artistic and happy coffee shops, Switch Espesso, C Square, Nambour, I was relieved to find entertainment that reminded me of a world that has almost disappeared thanks to consumerism and technology.
    Without wishing to give away to much of this comedy production, Judy Frederickson gaily leads the audience through the maze of friendship, having been most ably directed by Sunshine Coast director, Anne Grant. The odd hiccups here and there were managed perfectly to the delight of its fully engaged audience. Judy has the gentle energy and clowning ability to keep up the enthusiasm of the main character, a gentle, friendly mime. A wonderful change from copious theatre script I am convinced many of the audience enjoyed the play far more due to its lack of verbal dialogue. Indeed, this is part of the creative philosophy and magic of 3b, to make theatre accessible for seniors, those with language difficulties, and those with special rights.
    Apt sound effects and music choices carefully considered and designed by Bruce Hamilton and Anne Grant. Technical work and stage management seamlessy managed by Mark Stewart and Kathryn Barnes….this may have been a relaxing viewing for the audience but behind the scenes their eye on detail and timing was mastered to bring forth perfection.
    The set, simple, interesting, straight out of a 1950’s children’s picture book, so engaging, even before the show had begun.
    Several other characters literally bounce along to the classical and fun music that framed the perfectly rounded plot where morals and homely advice abound. Gentle audience participation optional, which suits the most youngest children who can become easily frightened and lost surrounded by pantomime fervour.
    The show was a dream in every sense of the word – and all dreams come to an end… But wait! The programme says it is on again soon as part of The Anywhere Theatre Festival at the same delightful venue on the 13th May, 3pm….. Therefore, I strongly advise you to catch this dream while it lasts and savour it forever with your children and grandchildren. Theatre like this might not be around for too much longer, I know you will be surprised by its childlike energy, innocence and total memorability.
    Catherine Steer
    Artistic Director
    Queensland School of Performing Arts

  2. Excellence in unlikely Places

    A tour de force from a
    Talented artist whoes whimsical
    Humour and innate generosity
    Totally enfolds adults and children
    A masterful concept and floorless
    Direction cements Anne Grants
    3 Bee companies reputation as
    In the forefront of available and
    Sustainable performance for everyone
    Long may she reign!

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Balloonacy @ Switch Espresso


Switch Espresso, C-Square
52-64 Currie Street, Nambour 4560

52-64 Currie Street
Nambour QLD 4560
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Cultural, Art & Community


Sunshine Coast

Duration/Opening Times

Sat 6 May @ 3:00pm (45mins)
Sat 13 May @ 3:00pm (45 mins)