The Anywhere Awards are our way of acknowledging a fraction of the outstanding experiences at the inaugural Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival.


From 17-27 August there will be over 80 performances in backyards, yoga centre, bars, cafes, libraries and anywhere but a theatre across Wollongong!

The Anywhere Awards are based on audience nomination numbers and comments. Audiences nominated a show and had the option to state why they felt it should be nominated for an Anywhere Award.

Alex McTavish and Paul Osuch then looked through the reasons for nomination and took into account the entries per show. We take into account the audience capacity for the show because an event with a capacity of 20 and less nominations can be just as amazing as one with more votes because it has a capacity of 200.

There is no “Best” production, script, direction, up and coming, actor in a comedic role, or bodice in a period drama etal. Instead each show award stands complete because of the impact on audiences, the artistic risks and the realised ambition of everyone who created these wonderful experiences: an enthralling story in a location that people can experience in no other way.


Entries close midday 27 August 2017.

27 May 2017 – The eleven Anywhere Award winners for 2017 Queensland Anywhere Theatre Festival are… LINK