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6th May Update – QUEENSLAND

  1. EXPORT ORDERS FUNCTION is now active in your Ticketing Dashboard!! Please test and confirm you understand how to access, export and sort your door lists as NO REPORTS will be generated from 6th May onwards. Anyone who CANNOT access, please contact the office TODAY. Thanks!
  2. Need more signs for your front of house. Download the set here so you can print as many as you want. LINK
  3. Watch the Front of House Video (LINK)
  4. Front Of House Kits Instructions including.(LINK)
    1. How to assemble the new banners with the metal base (+ VIDEO LINK)
    2. How to take online payments at the door with square
  5. Completing your Risk Assessment (LINK)
    1. There are two tabs on the spreadsheet and you must fill it out to ensure you are covered by our public liability insurance. It contains a lot of common situations but you will need to add some info to “Additional Risk Treatment or Action Plan” even if it is simply pointing to your venues existing procedures
    2. If your venue – or you – have your own risk assessment processes and templates, feel free to supply those. You do not need to do ours and yours. If more info is required, we will let you know
    3. Your venue shares the risk so they must agree. Put a contact name, details and when agreed
    4. Many venues will have existing safety, fire, etc procedures. Refer to these and it saves you having to type out your own.
    5. A risk assessment is mandatory before your first event date. If you have an existing format, please use that, otherwise use the template we provided.
  6. Production Dailies after every event (LINK). After every show you need to tell us total numbers and whether there was an incident on this simple form. We need to this to work out total box office owing, for insurance and for reporting to Arts Queensland. If we do not have a form for each performance we can not release your box office at the end of the run.
  7. Get people to vote for you in the Anywhere Awards (Vote Here)
    1. The front of house kits have a sign asking people to vote that you can put up at your venue.
    2. We also recommend wrapping up your show with a reminder to vote.
    3. Winners Announced Monday 29 May based on popular vote (factoring in total audience capacity) and three people who nominate an Anywhere Award will be in the running for a prize as well!
  8. Anywhere Reviewers and Photographers. You can find out when a reviewer or photographer is coming by looking at a comp ticket booking for your show.
    1. Photographs will be published to the Anywhere Facebook Page
    2. Reviews will be published straight to your listing page. Anywhere Reviewers will be marked. Any audience member is also free to write a review on your listing page though all are moderated.
  9. Participant Feedback FormThis form needs to be completed (along with return of all materials) before box office can be paid out.


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It is a condition that you include the Anywhere Theatre Festival logo as an identifier on any posters and print material to demonstrate that your show is an official part of Anywhere Theatre Festival…We recommend top or bottom right.

It is vital that you send a proof of any posters and leaflets for us to check.

Anywhere Theatre Festival provides the logos freely to artists for their promotional use but their use is subject to Copyright.

What this means is that you cannot change or manipulate the logos in any way. So, while you may use the logos in your poster/flyer advertising or even on your website, you must use them ‘as is’. You cannot alter or use any part of the logo in a different creative context other than the one in which it was originally designed.

This might include, but is not limited to: adding to the logo; taking a part of the logo and using it in a different context; animating the logo; changing the colour scheme of the logo, etc.

Essentially, if you didn’t make it, you don’t have the right to change it.