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14 August Update – Welcome to the start of the festival!

Congratulations on making it to the starting week of the inaugural Anywhere Theatre Festival!

Ticket sales over the past two days  have really begun to pick up so now is the time to go back to your existing audiences and to media to add to the activities we have been doing.

Firstly, everything in the 7 August update is relevant now. Look at it again if you haven’t already.

  1. Some hints and instructions for front of house (including banner set up and use of the square devices) Location Kit Instructions
    1. Tim has Anywhere Theatre Festival banners to drop with you. You must sign for banners and ensure they are returned.
    2. Square devices have arrived for electronic payments. Please let us know if you intend to use them as we need to set up an id for each company using them.
  2. Your door lists. Easy – just do this:
    1. Log in to anywheretheatre.com
    2. Change the date search to be prior to the date tickets went on sale and click search
    3. Select the performance you want the door list for. You will be given a screen listing ALL details for ticket holders.
    4. In the top right click on the green button that says EXPORT ORDERS and this will export all the orders into a simple easy to read spreadsheet with order number, name, number of tix, etc.
    5. sort by date in your spreadsheet of choice and you’re done. Why are all dates included? Because you can be guaranteed there will be one person who turns up in the wrong night and this enables you to quickly see their purchase.
  3. The web site will be updated tomorrow to remove the need for compulsory addresses when booking tickets. This makes it easier for you to book tickets quickly using your phone if you don’t have or want to use a square device. Instead, when you have someone who wants to buy a ticket:
    1. Go to your page on the web site
    2. Choose the number of tix and performance
    3. Put in the customer’s basic details (name, email, phone)
    4. Put in their credit card details and click go
    5. An email will go to the customer with the details
  4. We have Anywhere Theatre Festival t-shirts in a range of sizes that will be provided to volunteers who have signed up. They are also available for purchase at $25.
  5. Dailies Forms. (LINK HERE) After each performance, we need to to fill out a very simply form that tells us attendance figures and if there was an incident that needs tone reported. 99.9% of the time, this will take you 10 seconds to complete and we need one for each performance before we pay out box office at the end of the festival. A reminder we do not take 10% from any tickets you sell at the door – only the ones sold online.
  6. Photographers. We have one key photographer and two other photographers we are talking with. We will be booking them into shows and they will come up as a comp ticket so that you know they are coming.
    1. Photographs will be uploaded to the Anywhere Theatre Festival Facebook page.
    2. We try to get as many shows photographed as possible, but it is not always possible, depending on the volunteer photographers availability.
  7. Anywhere Awards. Make sure you tell audiences to vote for you at the Anywhere Awards. the link will be on the front page from Thursday and the direct link is http://anywheretheatre.com/awards/
    1. The Anywhere Awards will be announced 7pm Sunday 27 August at the festival end event at the Laughter House Anywhere Festival Hub. It’s free to come and we’d love to see you all there

7 August Update

  1. Thursday Eat Street Market attendance. 5-9pm this Thursday. Contact Tim at thegong@anywherefest.com to lock in attendance so you can flyer your show at the markets.
  2. Risk Assessments. Check out the Risk Assessment template below and fill it out so we can cover you with our insurance. Most of the common situations are done so there shouldn’t be too much to do. Don’t forget to go to the second tab of the spreadsheet.
  3. Drop an email to media contacts (LIST HERE) about your upcoming show. Even if you don’t have a media release, give them a couple of lines about what is fun about it (location and content), an image and your contact details so they can arrange a photo shoot.
  4. Wollongong Central Tasters. Do a five minute taster inside the Wollongong Central Food Court to let people know your show is coming up. Contact Tim ASAP to get yourself booked in for midday or 5pm On Wednesday 16, Thursday 17 and Friday 18. Content must be family friendly 😉
  5. Banners and square devices? Do you want one or two Anywhere Theatre Festival banners to put at your location. Do you want to take payments electronically at the door? Let Tim know the answer to both questions this week.
  6. Volunteer callout. We have put a call out for volunteers to register by Monday 14th of August. We are offering tix to see show during the festival, t-shirts and good times for anyone who wants to volunteer so point anyone who may want to volunteer TO THIS PAGE and we will forward people that come direct to us to you.

31 July Update

  1. Do you want to provide Ticket Offers to other participants or to audience members? We can do time specific % off or discounts when someone also buys a ticket for another show, etc
  2. Thursday Market attendance this week. AS well as attendance to promote your own show, we are also looking for someone who can be responsible for setting up our stand at the market and pulling it back down because Tim and Paul can’t be there those nights. We are paying $110  for each night for whoever wants to do it, so text/message/phone Paul asap to lock it in.
  3. Please give us some social media to share! Take a pic, do a quick 30 second video even as a piece to camera, make an announcement, introduce cast members, anything and then make sure to take us. Check out Albert & Jameson, Womangong Comedy and Three Paths for some ideas.
  4. Risk Assessment. It’s time to head to the link below to have a read through the risk assessment document we need to get from you to ensure you are covered by our public liability insurance. There are two tabs in the spreadsheet and it includes a lot of the standard things so you shouldn’t have to add or remove too much. For a potentially offensive recaptioned video to do the risk assessment, check out the producer pack section RIGHT HERE.

24 July Update

  1. Dashboard has been updated to allow for exporting of door list by performance.
  2. Kiama Kaberet, Stapled Fingers and Hot Bod 65 are feature shows on web site. This will continue to change every few days and then will be random of all shows from the week prior to the festival onwards.
  3. Want to promote your show to the thousands of peeps who go to Eat Street (5-9pm) on August 3, 10, 17 and 24? Let us know what dates and times you would like by emailing us at the regular spot.
  4. Create a Facebook event for your individual show and post a link to it in  the group page so we can link to it in our main page. Head to Anywhere Theatre Festival (LINK HERE) to see what other presenters have done
  5. Fix to payments. Purchasers on some phones were having troubles completing orders. That has now been fixed along with the request to “enable cookies”.
  6. Special shout out to the teams ALBERT AND JAMESON for the video and THE THREE PATHS for the pictures of the tree guards that we able to share and to PETIT CRAZY ROUGE who have been getting some great group bookings coming in. It is just under four weeks to the star of the festival so now is the time to start building up awareness of your individual show. If you are needing assistance to get the word out, chat with Tim or Paul.
  7. Marketing update – A distribution in Illawarra Mercury will be happening just out of the festival, radio campaign on i98Fm has been locked in, Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram campaigns are ongoing. Remember, if you give us interesting content and tag us, it makes it easy for us to share it and pay to promote it further.
  8. Art in Non Traditional Space workshop on 26 July (EVENT HERE). This is aimed more broadly, but if you want to catch Tim or myself before or after to talk in more detail, get in contact.
  9. Media List Reminder – list of phone, email, twitter accounts for local media are below in the section “TO READ AFTER THE PROGRAM REVEAL”

10 July Update

  1. Anywhere participants get special discounts to advertise in scenestr THIS LINK. Check it out and if you want any thoughts on whether it could work for you or not, happy to give you our ten cents.
  2. Ten Questions about you THIS LINK. Help yourself to come up with media angles and it also helps us as well.
  3. How many people are looking at your booking page? THIS LINK
  4. Website feature show rotation. WE are currently rotating shows around on our banner in sets of three.
  5. Tree guards with the full program will be up on Crown Street by the end of the week.

3 July Update

  1. Photos from the program reveal are available at THIS LINK. There are additional unpublished images and all images are available as Hi Res if you require them

29 June Update

  1. Great to meet everyone at the program reveal on Tuesday!
  2. Our marketing activities have now begun in earnest with Guide distribution happening through Destination Wollongong, article and ad in Scenestr mag, interviews and pieces on local media. But don’t just rely on us… see next point
  3. Getting people to buy tickets. We know everyone says that audiences book late BUT we recommend focussing on one night – first night – and get that filled first. If you are planning to make the first night a little special, use that as an angle. Head to THIS LINK and read up on Four Stage Of Marketing and How To Find 100 audience Members for some tips.
  4. Need to collect programs? Get them from the iHub at 93 Crown Street. Ask reception and state you are with Anywhere Theatre Festival.
  5. Audiences can download the program from the front page of the web site.
  6. Tagging Anywhere on Social Media. Use the hashtag #anywherefest and tag us in your  so we can see it, like it and share it further!
  7. Are you doing your own posters and materials? If so, make sure you include an Anywhere Wollongong logo. Scroll down to download colour and black and white versions and send us a draft of your poster/flyer so we can double check for you.
  8. Web site merge.  Based on feedback out of Brisbane Anywhere about the two sites causing a bit of confusion (anywherefest.com and anywheretheatre.com) we are bringing everything from anywherefest.com across to anywheretheatre.com. This will only impact you in that anyone who goes to anywherefest.com will be taken to the front page of anywheretheatre.com AND by bringing the PRODUCER PACK under anywheretheatre.com so the links below will change shortly.


View The Complete Producer Pack Now! If you are a newbie and not sure how to tackle all the parts of the producer pack, here’s what we recommend:

To read as soon as you register




To read after Program Reveal

To read before your first performance

Risk Assessment Template 

Please complete your production dailies after each and every performance/event. Failure to submit will result in a delay being paid. It takes just a few minutes and this data is used to report back to our stakeholders, venue hosts and sponsors. Front of House Kit Instruction Link 

To read after your last performance

Anywhere Wollongong Logos

Anywhere Colours

Our Blue – C-90 M-5 Y-50 K-0   R-0 G-171 B-223    #00abdf Our Green -C-50 M-0 Y-100 K-0  R-140 G-198 B-63 #8cc63f


It is a condition that you include the Anywhere Theatre Festival logo as an identifier on any posters and print material to demonstrate that your show is an official part of Anywhere Theatre Festival…We recommend top or bottom right. It is vital that you send a proof of any posters and leaflets for us to check. Anywhere Theatre Festival provides the logos freely to artists for their promotional use but their use is subject to Copyright. What this means is that you cannot change or manipulate the logos in any way. So, while you may use the logos in your poster/flyer advertising or even on your website, you must use them ‘as is’. You cannot alter or use any part of the logo in a different creative context other than the one in which it was originally designed. This might include, but is not limited to: adding to the logo; taking a part of the logo and using it in a different context; animating the logo; changing the colour scheme of the logo, etc. Essentially, if you didn’t make it, you don’t have the right to change it.