Tortured Remixes by Topology

Pop filtered through twisted musical minds

Topology’s lush music for strings, piano and sax has been driving music creativity in Australia for 2 decades. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the Brisbane-based quintet will launch their 14th full-length album.

In Tortured Remixes, popular melodies are filtered through the creative minds of Topology’s composers, John Babbage, Robert Davidson and Bernard Hoey. The result: iconic tunes stretched, bent and scrambled (almost) beyond recognition, then reassembled into adventurous new works.

Featuring tortured reconstructions of The Saints, MC Hammer, The Beatles, Stevie Wright, Beyonce, Cold Chisel and many more, it’s the 60’s to the present like you’ve never heard them before.



Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to host this event at House Conspiracy. Tortured Remixes will now take place at VULCANA WOMEN’S CIRCUS Stores Studio at Brisbane Powerhouse. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Early Bird ticket buyers may contact if you would like to make updates to your booking due to this venue change. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Tortured treats

    Tortured Remixes (Topology)
    Vulcana Women’s Circus
    May 11 – 12

    Contemporary classical act Topology is cool and clever; in fact, it was clever from before it cool to be so. The quintet has been on the Brisbane scene for 20 years now (with only one member change) and they are celebrating the journey towards the anniversary with their 14th full-length album, Tortured Remixes, launched through this year’s Anywhere Theatre Festival.

    The ‘mixtape’ album is not one of traditional cover songs but ‘tortured’ takes from the creative minds of Topology’s composers, John Babbage, Robert Davidson and Bernard Hoey, who bend, stretch and scramble popular melodies into adventurous songs anew. And the result is as enigmatic as ever thanks to its mostly anagrammed song titles.

    Some arrangements such as ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ are instantly familiar, while others take longer to appreciate, such as in the spirited, stylistic ‘Satisfaction’ mashup ‘Fantastic Note Coatings’, which comes complete with the same sense of frustration as its The Rolling Stones original inspiration. From The Beatles to Beyoncé, “Tortured Remixes” offers audiences a trip across continents and decades. Certainly with such a range, there is something for everyone, whether they be fan of Dizzy Gillespie’s modern jazz be-bop or the pioneering Australian punk rock sound of The Saint’s 1976 iconic single, ‘I’m Stranded’ (which serves as a particular show highlight).

    Slowed down as many of the arrangements are, also allows for unique appreciation of the nuances of melody, such as in numbers like ‘Whinging Tweet’ which serves as tribute to Cold Chisel’s ‘Cheap Wine’ tell of sitting of the beach drinkin’ rocket fuels. Similarly, the ‘Black to Grey’ two song mashup of Deep Purple’s hard rock number ‘Black Night’ with Visage’s decade-later, new-wave, electronic hit ‘Fade to Grey’, allows for some lovely stripped-back string sounds in evocation of chorus memories. Every piece comes with a clear passion in its delivery. Indeed, right from the opening number’s take of Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ (‘Two-Punk Fight’), there is an infectious energy to proceedings that permeates the light and shade of individual numbers and Robert Davidson is particularly blistering on the double bass.

    Anyone who has ever seen a Topology show to expect a treat because everything the group does is good and “Tortured Remixes” is no exception to this expectation. As they continue to go from strength to strength, touring nationally and internationally, Brisbane should not only be proud of them as a home-grown success story, but embrace any opportunity they can to see their sometimes-warped but always wonderful work.

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Tortured Remixes @ Vulcana Women’s Circus


Vulcana Women's Circus
Level 2, Stores Building,
Brisbane Powerhouse,
119 Lamington Street, New Farm QLD 4005



New Farm QLD 4005
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