TBC: The Basement Collective

A hidden drop of colour in a world of grey.

TBC focuses on young outcasts in a warped society where they live by three rules:

1.    All citizens must be inside their own homes between 10pm and 5am

2.    No displays of individuality will be tolerated, including; music, art, colour, or opinions that oppose that of The Order

3.    No meetings exceeding three people without written permission and supervision by a government official will be tolerated

Failure to comply with these rules with result in prosecution and re-education.

The Basement Collective (TBC) is a secret illegal organisation founded by Gabe, Victoria and August (The Council) that gives teens like themselves a place where they can explore their own identity through the arts without suffering the penalties of the outside world (as long as they’re not caught). Within TBC there are smaller groups of performers who often work together to discover their art including a girl gang and a comic duo.

When pressures increase from the outside world The Council feel forced to introduce new rules to TBC and subsequently create major issues within the organisation. As threats from the outside world draw nearer, The Council and Collective are tested to see who or what they will sacrifice to keep the organisation a Secret

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The Basement Collective @ Woolloongabba Substation


Woolloongabba Substation
45 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

45 Logan Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
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Alleyways, Streets & Rooftops
Cultural, Art & Community



Duration/Opening Times

60 minutes