Somewhere Else But Now

A performative bicycle adventure from London to Brisbane

A tale of one person’s bicycle journey from London to Brisbane and the complex relationship we all have with ‘staying connected’ while trying to escape from the modern world.

Aaron Austin-Glen travelled through 20 countries during his year-long adventure only to return to his childhood home in Mitchelton with some unanswered questions.

Why do we feel the need to capture our lives and share them online? How do our digital connections influence our ability to ‘be in the moment’? and who really controls the narrative of such a journey when so many of our friends and strangers are watching our every move through social media?

Join Aaron in the very spot where the real journey ended as he reconnects his memories with the digital proofs and separates fact from fiction.

Show Times:

** Please notes performances on Fri 5 & Sat 6 have been cancelled **

Friday 12th May – 7:30pm
Saturday 13th May – 7:30pm

Tickets $18

Numbers are strictly limited! Small cash bar.

Please note that the audience will be standing for the majority of this performance. There is on-street parking for cars but we encourage you to cycle to the performance!

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  1. A silly decision but a beautiful outcome

    This isn’t a play. Some would suggest it isn’t even Theatre. It is however a beautiful insight into one mans travels and the journey he endured. A great example of authentic fringe theatre and certainly a vote from me.
    You sit under the family home, the destination of and in the story, surrounded by people you don’t know but are treated as though you are being told stories as a close friend and feel the connection of family. It’s what I imagine a current day ‘sitting on a couch with a photo album open on someones lap’ is.
    The night went for 2.5hrs. 1.5hrs longer than described but it wasn’t laborious and i kind of could have taken another hour and it seems like Aaron had more than that in him.
    In hindsight, having traveled myself and understanding the non necessity to tell all the things, this is probably the best way to tell as many stories to all your family and friends with having to repeat yourself or forget who knows which story and who doesn’t.
    Well done Aaron. Well enjoyed, sympathised, commiserated, felt. I want to travel Iran.

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Somewhere Else But Now


35 Suez St, Mitchelton, Brisbane, 4053

35 Suez Street
Mitchelton QLD 4053
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60 mins