In Search of Silence

An experiential quest for silence.

Join a small group in a quest to find silence.

What is silence? Is it simply the absence of sound? Are there any sounds in your head?

Quest with award winning documentary maker Michael Schubert (In Search of Silence) to explore the boundaries of silence in an engaging 30 minute event.

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  1. Silence is what you want it to be

    In Search of Silence 360 Logan Road Stones Corner 6pm 20 May 2017

    Silence was found as soon as we walked into the bookstore on a busy road, it was like we could breathe again.

    Only 4 of us attended Michael talk about Searching for Silence.

    He sat at a computer desk ready to read his script with headphones on. There was very little lighting used, so little in fact Michael had to start again in the beginning as he could not see what was on his screen.

    I decided to close my eyes to feel Silence, he had a soothing voice with a lady voice that was pre recorded accompanied Michael.

    They talked about what silence is, is silence necessary? is silence a sound?

    For me personally closing my eyes I saw silence as oppossed to hearing it.

    What one person may call science another persone may call it noise.

    As a society we have constant noise whether it is in our head or in the world we live in.

    It was lovely to just sit and experience in what ever way it “worked” for you

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In Search of Silence – Books@Stones


360 Logan Road, Stones Corner, QLD 4120

360 Logan Road
Stones Corner QLD 4120
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Duration/Opening Times

Performance in the evening for 45 minutes total, arrive 15 minutes before the 30 minute installation piece. No late admissions.