Key Insights to Nearby Galaxies

A story about literal star-crossed lovers

In the wake of the explosion of a star, two galaxies must race the clock to discover a way to escape their oncoming doom. But is everything as it seems? Or are they being manipulated, forced to fulfil some alternative plot? Key Insights to Nearby Galaxies is a story about space, friendship and love. This is literally a story about two star-crossed lovers.

From its beginnings at the Festival of Australian Student Theatre with Backyard Theatre Collective, Key Insights to Nearby Galaxies has been revised, reworked and rewritten to become the debut production of Parallax Collective. There’s space, there’s love, there’s live music and there’s glitter.

Directed by Samantha Bull
Written by Tess Middleton
Stage Manager Tamika McDonald

Cast Tremayne Gordon, Franciska Schmoll
Music by Brooke Austen

2 reviews

  1. Stars align at substation


    As we were ushered into the venue it was obvious that only a select few (less than 30) would experience this show.

    We were told that it was a preview so things may go wrong but they will try their best to make sure it doesn’t.

    Only minimal props were effectively used and live music was a treat in this thought provoking show.

    Only 3 in the cast they spoke clearly but what really stood out for me was their facial expressions and the highlighting of their make up just where it need to.

    They moved across the floor carefullly as the ‘stage’ was tiny indeed.

    This show could have become deep and dark yes it parts it was but there was also funny moments and times I questioned my place in the universe.

    The ending unfortunately took 3 attempts to get right but somehow it didn’t matter or was it done on purpose?

    Well done to all involved the stars aligned with me

  2. Don't go lonely.

    If you have struggles this won’t give you snuggles. It whips all your failures and relationship thoughts into a sloppy puddle and pushes your nose into it like your bogan parents trying to teach your puppy a lesson.
    Divisively, it will either console or teach.

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Key Insights Into Nearby Galaxies


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