Junkyard Wormhole

Two garbage monsters discover the world is ending.

Two garbage monsters discover the world is ending. Through a series of trashy songs, recycled jokes and a refusal to give in to the compactor, will they uncover the meaning of life?

Prepare your bodies for a night of puppetry, cabaret, live music and hilarity. We’ll blow the lid off your bin.

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    Fantastic show, you gotta go see it before it ends! 100% recommend to all

  2. Theatre Goes Trashy with Monsters and BIG words.

    Opening night for Junkyard Wormhole was so good. Everything about it was just unreal, taking a random idea and running with it, is always anxious process but I do Believe both Evi and Daan owned it. It was funny, trashy and above all else it was Exceptional. They knew what if was about and bought nothing but class and Performance. May they win a Trashy f***** Oscar ?

  3. A fun night with lots of laughs.

    Excellent pre-show clowning and warm-up for the main event: “Junkyard Wormhole” … a superb piece of puppetry combined with skillful dialogue that was masterfully delivered. I tip my hat (if I had one on) to you both, Evi and Daan, and acknowledge the production crew and the Bedouin Brew as avenue (great hot choc Chloe).

  4. Enjoyed the show

    Great set, great puppetry, and a funny and moving story. I also enjoyed the pre-show antics. Definitely worth seeing.

  5. I really loved this show – it was beautiful, very funny and moving. The script is so clever, the puppets are lovable and the performers are just wonderful. This show embodies all of the best things about Anywhere Theatre Festival!

  6. Quirky and Enchanting

    What a phenomenal show. Shortly after the show began I totally forgot there were two people moving the puppets – both Evi and Daan lived the story and the characters. It was an enchanting, unreal experience and I can’t wait to see it again.

    I loved every minute, wished it was longer. I hope you bloody tour it!

  7. ‘Twice the Charl and still Laughing’

    I went and saw Junkyard Wormhole twice last week, and man it was so good! Such a simple idea yet it was so affective and it was really engaging. I cannot recommend going to see it more than I already have. If you like puppetry you’ll like Junkyard Wormhole and I think Evi and Daan. Have both created something truly Awesome, hopefully these Puppets have another Adeventure upcoming….?

  8. Wonderful Performance, very quirky

    Really enjoyed last night’s peformance!
    Very quirky and out there. At times quite emotional, but cleverly played out. Puppets and props were extremely well created and made the “imaginative” mind wander. A fabulous performance by Evi and Daan. Congratulations to all.

  9. Great show! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  10. Junkyard Wormhole wriggles its way into our hearts

    A touching and well crafted show with childlike joy and adult humour. Evi and Daan bring to life the loveable Marble and Tit to take us on a touching journey not so unfamiliar to those of us outside of the dump.

    These well crafted and beautifully executed puppets are easy to love and a pleasure to watch.

    There is so much potential to delve into environmental and social commentary with this work, which sadly we did not see much of this time around.

    But, being the first edition of a charmingly existential and all too human work, this team have done an outstanding job at capturing the hearts and giggles of their audience.

    Please continue to share Marble and Tit with us and please help us to clean up the dump that us humans inhabit!

    Well done to the crafty and comical pair, I can’t wait to travel into the Junkyard Wormhole again with you both!

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Junkyard Wormhole @ Sperling Street


Bedouin Brew,
25 Sperling Street, Rocklea 4106

(Doors open 6:30pm)

25 Sperling Street
Rocklea QLD 4106
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