Hot Cult

Go Back To What Feels Right!

Our days are becoming so busy here in the city. Sometimes it takes a bit of reminding to just stop, and savour the little joys of existence. This is going to be that reminder.

The SUI Ensemble presents ‘Hot Cult’. Go back to what feels right.

‘Hot Cult’ contains a simple molecular blend of nerve and talent, now with twice the talent for good measure!

Our signature, authentic, chic SUI style is back for our new experiential performance experience. It’s ergonomically designed to fit right in your heart. My name is Esther Dougherty and I founded the SUI Ensemble in 1992. We have been striving to perfect our signature interactive, performance technique for some time now, because we believe in finding elegant solutions to daily problems. We are now, for a limited time only offering new ‘Hot Cult’ with a 6 month interest free finanacing scheme and a 365 day fulfilment guarantee.

So get yours today! Book now!

Directed by Esther Dougherty, Devised, Written and Performed by the SUI Ensemble

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  1. Incredible experience, SUI Ensemble never fails to deliver!

    Incredible experience, SUI Ensemble never fails to deliver!

  2. Join a Cult, It gives you Freedom

    Hot Cult East Brisbane Bowls Club 7:30pm 14 May 2017

    SUI Ensemble what can I say, actually I better say something you gave me freedom to be myself and say what I think and for that I am so grateful.

    For those who have never experience Sui Ensemble’s work before I suggest you do, If you want to just sit and watch some thespians on stage then this is not for you. This is ineractive theatre at its best.

    This is almost a research project on what people what from their artists.

    I had been up since 5:30 am that morning so by the time I go to Hot Cult I was so tired but knew sleep would leave me for a few more hours.

    The Sui Ensemble work so well as a team and want us to join their “cult” .

    With their blonde wigs and dressed all in black we were to follow a 6 step guide to freedom, those who did not were required to face the back wall of shame. (Everyone wanted freedom although some were a little scared at first)

    This ensemble has so many more ideas for the future which I would love to see get off the ground. Even a name change has not helped this group scoring funding this year.

    Well done to all involved, thanks for giving me freedom

    I left the space feeling like I could do anything, after a good night’s sleep first.

  3. Hot Cult gives it a red hot go

    The SUI Ensemble have succeeded in making a piece of immersive and experimental theatre which challenges the norms of traditional performance and the notion of “audience as spectator”, too commonly seen within the Brisbane performing arts scene. What they have not succeeded in is presenting their ideas with engaging performances and a succinct structure. Despite the undoubtable stage presence of Artistic Director Daniel Gough, the stronger performers of the group were under utilised and most of the leading performances were under rehearsed and only mildly engaging.

    Admittedly, seeing this work I was already battling some extreme hunger pangs and tiredness (and we all know how that can taint a theatre experience), but for the majority of the work I found myself somewhat frustrated and impatient at the series of events that unfolded around me.

    The work delves into the structures which we exist within on a societal level and how leadership and choice shape these structures and our part in them. For this work, the choice lies in the decision for our own “freedom” and how far we are willing to go to achieve it. Those of us who decided we didn’t need to adhere to set conditions or instructions to gain our freedom were made to leave the space and face the wall. There were a large number of people facing the wall in this Friday night performance and we were therefore excluded from the next 10 minutes of what could have been the most interesting action of the show (I wouldn’t know, I didn’t see it).

    Admittedly, the choice to lightly harass the audience has an edge of Artaudian sensory savagery to it that I love, but left some audience members feeling seriously disregarded and uncared for.

    Despite this, the immersive nature of the work is exciting and at times
    unnerving. The SUI Ensemble challenge us, confuse us and most importantly ask important questions of its audience which will be left to permeate in our minds for days to come.

    After some much needed refining of the many rich ideas within the work and a reworking of the narrative structure, there is so much potential to flesh out a powerfully relevant and engaging immersive work.

    I look forward to seeing this thought provoking theatre egg hatch and breath life into its future participants.

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Hot Cult @ East Brisbane Bowls Club


East Brisbane Bowls Club
38 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane QLD 4169

38 Lytton Road
East Brisbane QLD 4169
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Duration/Opening Times

120 minutes