Hard Boiled Dick: Boiled Harder

The detective without a clue is back - and he brought a friend!

2 actors, 3 musicians
They haven’t got a clue.

Get ready to experience the smoky speakeasies, dimly lit alleys and forbidden secrets of noir detective movies. Every show is different, as one actor takes on the roll of the detective – and the other plays… everyone else.

The femme fatale, the squealing snitch, shifty cop – who is behind the sinister conspiracy the dick is trying to unravel? Who is pulling the strings?
You are!

Accompanied by the Over Easy Trio, the actors will create a wholly original noir masterpiece from your suggestions.

So join us at the Padre Bar as they try to to unravel your mystery!


Hard Boiled Dick @ Padre Bar


Padre Bar
598 Stanley St, Wooloongabba Q 4102.

598 Stanley Street
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
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Alleyways, Streets & Rooftops
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Duration/Opening Times

40 minutes