Fight The Dull!

Enter a Game World on the brink of destruction by a mysterious force known as The Dull.

THE FARCE AWAKENS is a cocktail of parody, pop culture and puzzle rooms, with a twist of pun.

An immersive and replayable theatre experience with multiple endings. You can explore and observe as this world is unraveled, or be an active participant solving puzzles and challenging characters to ultimately decide the fate of the Game World.

The Game World has grown over the last six years at the Woodford Folk Festival. It is a world rich with history, lore and absurdity. Now it is branching out to defeat dullness where it can be found.

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  1. Incredible!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! The characters and the venue are totally enchanting and you are completely swept up in the FARCE! The attention to detail, the performances and the fun of running around a museum after closing time make this an unmissable night! PLEASE GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!

  2. Good fun, very entertaining

    Excellent time, great experience fighting the Dull.
    Big shout out to the cast for some brilliant performances and very skilled adaption to the players investigations.
    If you like people, puzzles and being entertained you are going to love this!

  3. Beating Back the Dull


    We are under attack by an enigmatic and perilous force known as The Dull, it’s threatening Brisbane and the only safe refuge is inside a spaceship cleverly disguised as The Museum of Brisbane in City Hall.

    The Farce Awakens is a game and the ‘audience’ is just as much a part of the action as the strange collection of characters. Along with Death and the Game Master are oddities from the past (and future?), the Pilates, Onabots, Elizabogans, gangsters of the Big Hat Rail Company and the Beasts. Various other characters guide and occasionally mislead the participants as they endeavour to solve not one but multiple mysteries.

    On arrival participants are briefed before seeking out their designated character. The nature of the Museum of Brisbane allows for each pair of characters to be hidden away in their own semi-secluded space where they share their story and garner the help of their participating group to solve their mystery. Some need information, others have tasks that need to be completed or items to be recovered.

    Individual performances were generally good, accents and projection the only victims of this semi-improvised production. Maintaining character for nearly 2 hours is not easy, especially when you need to think on your feet as participants throw questions, requests and allegations at you. Winners in this respect were Captain I Aye, the Navigator and Death in all his ominous presence.

    Once participants had settled into their roles and tasks the evening was exciting, interactive and engaging. Bring a healthy dose of willingness to get involved and wear your walking shoes!

  4. Inter-dimensional immersion

    The Farce Awakens (Folly Games)
    The Museum of Brisbane
    May 12 – 20

    After six years of growing at the Woodford Folk Festival, The Game World of Folly Games is branching out to defeat dullness in the Museum of Brisbane. And it is here where participants gather for a preshow briefing from The Director as to the unique nature of the immersive theatre experience, which sees the museum reimagined as a smaller-on-the-inside inter-dimensional spaceship, piloted by a group of hyper-intelligent cyborgs on a quest to study the mysterious threat of a terrifying, contagious disease known as the dull.

    With assigned character cards, we are then let loose to seek out our respective character and explore the world by going from room to room in which events and stories are unfolding. What you see is up to you, as is your level of involvement; you may end up putting your life on the line; it’s no big deal if you die, you just surrender your life card and seek out the large black bird of.Death (Nick Wiggins) for resurrection for price of a joke or dance).

    My character is actress Marilyn Minuit (Claire McFadyen) who, along with fellow shady character Moby Rick (Josh Nixon), is always on the lookout for a good business opportunity as part of the Big Hat Rail Company. However, I soon find myself instead following the royal rules of the Elizabogans, Queen Champers (Gabbi Davis) and her King Keiff (Tyler Willian Morrisson), complete with right royal thongs, in their quest to respond to the Magician’s (Callum Pulsford) newspaper claims that the King’s reign is illegitimate.

    Once initial confusion passes, it is easy to follow and fall into the rhythm of the intermingled stories and it is wonderful both to see the response of children in the audience to the energy of the characters and the increasingly involvement of bigger kids as they become more comfortable. Unfortunately, my attempts were met with execution from the King for badly written poetry to assist in moving their regal love higher on the loveometer.

    Over the course of the 90 minute(ish) show, there is much to look at, listen to and appreciate, full as it is with pop culture references from “Julius Caesar” to “Star Wars”. In this instance, as the story unfolds (from its multiple possible endings), the Magician takes over from the Game Master as absolute ruler, until challenged by frog Frogo (Josh Bell-Mcnee), with key events bringing all the characters, stories and audience members back to a central location at intervals, ensuring that a clear narrative messages is shared.

    All of the show’s performers are completely committed in their characterisations throughout interactions with audience members as much as each other. However, as the King, Morrison is a most memorable stand-out, always witty in his in-character comebacks and keep of Keiff’s ocker vocal style.

    “The Farce Awakens” is unlike anything else, making for a never-dull evening ‘at’ the theatre. Even those unfamiliar with or initially reluctant towards engaging in its immersive nature, will find its spirit infectious. Indeed, its audience interaction should not be shied away from but rather embraced with an open attitude and join in the fun of the parody, pop-culture and puzzle at play.

  5. Avoid the Dull

    The Farce Awakens Museum of Brisbane 5:30pm 13 May 2017

    Can we avoid “The Dull” of the outside world by meeting characters in a another world?

    As particpants we are given a card to choose which had an image of a character to follow throughout the story.

    I was to follow the Queen of the Elizabethbogans, Champers and my husband chose (ny complete fluk) her husband, King Kefi.

    At first I was a little concerned when they introduced us to the Game Master as my mind went into over drive and thought computer game skills were required (I have none).

    I need not have worried I listened and followed Queen Champers in her beautiful gown made of recycled material.

    Throughout the story their were some lovely dressed characters and one dressed as huge frog, Frogo.

    I must not forget the bots completed the characters with their robotic moves and voices like something out of Star Wars

    Death was always roaming the space but that did not deter people from solving the quest.

    I am not sure if it certain people were bored or thought it was part of the game, they began interacting with the activities arranged in the museum. The cast did their best to encourage them to continue of the quest.

    This game started at the Woodford Folk Festival, it has translated well to the Museum of Brisbane.

    The night I attended there were a few little incidents which made the Magician character have to improv and the sound tech had a laugh.

    This was a fun night, the Dull was not in force that night.

  6. One of my favourites!

    Loved everything about it. The story was amazing, the characters where extremely likeable and it was a very fun experience regardless of whether you interact a lot or prefer to sit back and watch
    10/10 would go again

  7. The Farce Awakens was brilliant.
    So much creativity, silliness and fun squeezed into an hour and a half.
    Thanks for spicing up an otherwise Dull saturday night.

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The Farce Awakens – Fri 19 May @ 8:00pm


Museum of Brisbane
Brisbane City Hall
64 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


The Farce Awakens – Sat 20 May @ 5:30pm


Museum of Brisbane
Brisbane City Hall
64 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

64 Adelaide Street
Brisbane City QLD 4000
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