Deal or Ordeal

A game show for all players

We invite you to drink, laugh, cringe and gamble on the most risky game show of the twenty first century: Rape Culture.

Forget the onesided soapboxes, this is gritty content shared consensually to willing participants. Deal or Ordeal is engaging in the conversation for the ones that need it most – all of us. Battling a world designed to drown out your yes’s and no’s we encourage you to bare it all (including your nipples) in a no-holds-barred Highgate Hill basement.

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    Deal or Ordeal Hazelwood Street Highgate Hill 10 May 2017
    Rape is bad, Game shows are fun. Can these ladies make a show covering both genres?

    Yes they can! Talking about Rape Culture is hard and often uncomfortable. We are told that if we need to leave the space at any time for some fresh air, please do (noone did)

    As audience members or were we studio guests ? we were offered couches, rugs and cushions that were scatted around the room rather than rows of chairs to sit on.

    They acknowledged that rape is happening to men but this show was more about the rape of women.

    These ladies with thier over the top game show outfits and wigs, and of course their cheesy smiles shared with the crowd stastics that suprised and maybe even shocked us all.

    The sound effects, the acting and mannerisms performed were like the game shows that air on our TV screens.

    We used Bingo cards and signs to take part in the “games”

    There were a few laughs to break the sombre mood but most people were just silent as they absorbed what they were hearing

    These ladies were clever in portraying a very serious topic and (for me at least) leaving to go back to West End for dinner I have been changed for ever.

  2. Phonomeonal show. These ladies took two polar opposites; rape and comedy, and made them into an equisite performance piece. Extremely thought provoking and definitely something that should be shown to everyone. Brilliant performance!

  3. Couldn't look away

    Absolutely incredible. Highly engaging and the players were so involved in the story and movement I couldn’t look away. The subject matter was darkly amusing and overall message poignant. 10/10

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Deal or Ordeal @ Hazelwood Street


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Hazelwood Street
Highgate Hill QLD 4101
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