Calypso Nights

Prepare to be Calypso’d, courtesy of DJ Juan Vesuvius.

Join award-winning, Venezuelan Calypso-loving Juan Vesuvius, for a show that’s part music lesson, part dance party.

Prepare to learn all there is to know about Calypso music courtesy of Juan, his two turntables, maracas and his beautiful hand-made shirt. After just an hour of Juan’s absurdist comedy, you’ll walk away with much-improved knowledge of Calypso, Kim Jong II, beauty pageants and sexual innuendos – and an indescribable urge to dance.

Winner The Skinny Fringe Genius Award 2014 Edinburgh Fringe; Nominated Best Newcomer Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015.

8 reviews

  1. Good laugh mid week !!!l

    Really funny and well worth going to !!!

  2. Absolutely Juan-derful! Lots of laughs and a very charismatic performer.

    Fantastic mid-week event, with the added bonus of great burgers. Juan’s passion for calypso music is infectious! Highly recommended.

  3. Buy tickets now, don't miss this!!!

    DJ Juan Vesuvius is charismatic, refreshing and irresistibly ridiculous, Calypso Nights is as much informative as it is witty, ludicrous and surprisingly whimsical. Comedic timing was on point.

  4. Drop everything, pick up your maracas and SEE THIS SHOW!!!

    If you only see one thing this festival, make sure this is it! An insanely hilarious absurdist rollercoaster ride of confused cross cultural mime and
    mayhem, political witticisms, overtly sexual innuendo and the finest groan worthy puns your dad would be proud of, this show is an absolute must! And all accompanied by the hip shaking, can’t help dancing at your table sounds of Calypso – how can you go wrong?!

  5. Best of the Fest!

    I’ve seen this many times over the last two years and I still laugh like an idiot every time. Brisbane don’t miss out on one of the best clowns living and working in Australia right now.

  6. This is so so so so so funny! Go! You’ll love it!

  7. A Hilarious Party Into The Night

    Calypso Nights @ Ben’s Burgers, 14 May

    Is it fair to praise a show you basically starred in? That’s the dilemma I’m facing with this show by calypso king Juan Vesuvius (aka Kiwi comedian Barnie Duncan). While my brain thinks over this conundrum, my gut tells me that it doesn’t matter because Calypso Nights is a hilarious show.

    The show begins with Juan showing real skill on his turntables. It isn’t clear what is happening initially due to the Venezuelan character speaking in his native Spanish. Even though we have no idea what he’s saying, Juan’s movements, facial expressions, and DJing have us giggling.

    Juan eventually switches to English, and from there we learn a lot. Juan gives the audience a history lesson on calypso music filled with laughs and actually made me appreciate the genre even more. Juan may also be the world’s only maraca prodigy as he shows different, and sometimes gross, ways they can be played. It takes a lot of imagination to be able to manipulate a simple object, and even more skill to make them funny.

    As mentioned, I featured a lot throughout the show during the audience interactions. Comedians can make being picked frightening, but Juan was inviting and a lot of fun to play with. Everyone got a turn at some point, but I got to play the sidekick a bit more, including a fun and clever story told through the images on record covers.

    Juan Vesuvius’ Calypso Nights is more than a comedy show. As the audience learned at the end, it was also a party. It’s hard to make a crowd do anything, but Juan had us all dancing and swigging tequila by the end. What a fun night!

  8. Endless smiling

    Barnie has a wonderful comfortability in front of a crowd making it totally possible to solely hold us captivated in his wit and charm for over an hour. He has a beautiful understanding of subtlety and pace so you don’t feel like everything is happening at once but then when you think back to what has occurred you’re amazed. Such a clever and quirky show presented beautifully by someone with a hefty serving of talent.

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Calypso Nights – Sat 13 May @ 7:15pm


Ben's Burgers
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Calypso Nights – Sun 14 May @ 7:15pm


Ben's Burgers
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101

153 Boundary Street
West End QLD 4101
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65 min