Weekend at Barnie’s

Physical comedians Barnie Duncan (MICF Best Newcomer nominee, 2015) and Dani Cabs (Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist Nominee 2015) combine for the first time to bring you their tribute to the greatest movie about death ever made.

Using the 80’s cult film as a launchpad, Cabs and Duncan bring to life…more like, resurrect this goofball one-joke masterpiece and ride it for all it’s worth.

Weekend at Barnie’s is a wild mix of clowning, physical comedy and slapstick that will make even the most conservative audiences laugh out loud at the absurdity unfolding before their eyes.

Note: For those wishing to eat before the show please arrive at least 20-30mins prior to the start time.

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  1. See this show

    Hilarious! So many good laughs. Brilliant date night show. Don’t miss it.

  2. Carrot and Sausage as you have never seen them before

    Weekend at Barnie’s Ben Burger’s West End 7:15pm 17 May 2017

    Out the back of Ben’s Burger’s is space in the open air that has been transformed to have chairs facing a wading pool and couch.

    Almost hidden In the corner is the sound guy that is near the small bar.

    So begins a night of craziness with Dani in flamingo printed shorts and orange t shirt and his side kick or more like his “idol” Barnie.

    Using song and physical antics to make a comedy act is not a new concept but somehow what these gentleman do make it seem like it is a new idea.

    There really isn’t a story line using everyday situations to into something funny and giving slapstick a whole new meaning.

    The audience in the front row experienced Barnie more than they probqbly expected they would.

    It was crazy, silly and you may never look at a carrot the same way again.

    These two can have fun with each other and encouraging us to go on long for the ride.

    I admire comedians as there is such a fine line between funny and rude but Dani and Barnie manage to somehow make the ordinary extrodnary.

    For a different night out there is worse things to be doing than watching Dani and Barnie. Who knows maybe each night maybe different to the last, it would surprise if it was.?

  3. "Weekend At Barnie's Is Dead-Set Funny!"


    The delightfully oddball Weekend At Barnie’s begins with the nervous Dani Peaches performing a series of awkwardly funny skits with the lifeless Barnie Topaz. The show reveals it’s not just going to be an hour of Dani throwing Barnie around when flashbacks reveal the events leading to Dani putting on a show with a corpse, with Barnie being a living off-putting comedian standing in a pool in these sequences.

    It takes a little getting used to the structure of the show, with constant jumps in the timeline leaving you wondering where you are. But the duo made it work with some very funny bits of foreshadowing, and Barnie winking at the audience during transitions.

    Where the show really comes alive (pun intended) is in the pair’s physical comedy. Dani hurls and swings Barnie across the stage, and even into the audience. The lengths Dani goes to in conning the audience into thinking Barnie is alive are great, like when he utilises a spring and broom for some lip-syncing. A standout sequence is an infomercial sketch for a gym, with Dani really becoming a star. Barnie’s commitment to being dead is also incredibly funny, as he rolls and falls everywhere. Even though Barnie is dead, he gives one of the most physically demanding performances of the year.

    Weekend At Barnie’s is dead-set funny! While there are a few kinks in the storytelling, this comedy will knock you out cold.

  4. Hilarious!!! Great physicality, humour, and an altogether fun homage to a classic movie.

  5. Hilarious

    I cringe at the thought of slapstick and skit comedy… but I found myself laughing so hard I cried. A truly clever show unlike any comedy show I’ve seen before!

  6. Belly laughs and soggy snags with Weekend at Barnie's

    A lively slapstick from the not so lively (or lovely) Barnie Topaz and the nervously charismatic Dani Peaches.

    Weekend at Barnie’s, for those of you who don’t know the 80’s film Weekend at Bernie’s (I didn’t) is a hilarious work of absurdity and pure gold slapstick performed in the spacious yet inviting back bleachers of Ben’s Burgers in the heart of Boundary Street, West End.

    The basis of the show revolves around, well… putting on a show. The only problem is, the more experienced member of this ego-driven and oddly affectionate duo, is dead.

    But, the show must go on and luckily the endearing drive of Dani Peaches is enough to pull it together for a ridiculously hilarious double act to not soon be forgotten.

    The crowd of around 50 were brought together as we cringed, laughed, gasped and cheered with these two talented physical performers who gave their all (or nothing) in a final shot at the show of a lifetime.

    Please note: dick jokes, crowd participation and crass humour are included in this laughs-for-laughs-sake comedy treat. Stay for the slapstick and leave with a satisfied serving of satire.

  7. Awesome

    I went last Sunday night without knowing what to expect and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. thank you for a great night of comedy.

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Weekend at Barnie’s – Wed 17 May @ 7:15pm


Ben’s Burgers West End
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Weekend at Barnie’s – Thu 18 May @ 7:15pm


Ben's Burgers West End
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Weekend at Barnie’s – Sat 20 May @ 7:15pm


Ben's Burgers West End
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Weekend at Barnie’s – 21 May @ 7:15pm (Sun)


Ben's Burgers West End
153 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101

153 Boundary Street
West End QLD 4101
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