At Anywhere HQ, we know there is a better way for performers and producers to have their work seen than waiting for rare and expensive theatre slots and losing life savings presenting at fringe festivals where the number of empty seats is beaten only by the number of times you need to extend your credit card limit.

There is a way for independent artists to actually be paid for the creative work they do rather than spend it on venue hire and tech requirements .

That’s why six years ago we created the Anywhere Theatre Festival, providing a platform to present work in non-traditional spaces without venue fees and minimal technical,  registration and box office fees so that artists can take creative risks without the financial risks!


  1. Anywhere Theatre Festival is on in Brisbane in May every year and in Wollongong from 17-27 August 2017
  2. Search the Anywhere Theatre website for events by genre, location, name, anything for the show you’d like to see.
  3. Book a ticket as you would on any online booking system.
  4. Read the email ticket receipt carefully  as it may include specific notes about parking, public transport, venue access, food and drink availability, etc.
  5. Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the show starts with either your receipt primted or on your smartphone to confirm purchase
  6. Enjoy the show!


  1. Register your details to start receiving our eNews, access to resources and staff and be joined up with the online community.
  2. Browse the venues we have or register your own space and we’ll help ensure the space is provided rent free.
  3. Rather than having people do the hard work and browse for venue to give them ideas, help them out up frontt with some examples and  include pictures of what venues are acceptable, ie backyards, parking lots, office spaces etc. Consider a section for legals, public liability information etc as hosts will want to know they are covered and what the risks/ issues might be.
  4. Attend workshops and stay connected to see what other people are doing and to collaborate.
  5. Confirm your registration by 15 January 2017
  6. Lock in all your show details by 15 February 2017
  7. Be at the Festival launch on 14 March 2017
  8. Work with Anywhere Festival to get your show ready for an audience
  9. Perform your work and attend other performances during the Festival
  10. Be at the Anywhere Awards, fill out our debrief and invoice us so we can pay you straight after the festival (none of this “please wait 28 days after the festival end” malarky we hear about at other fringe festivals).



  1. Give us a call or email if you’d like to discuss, otherwise head straight to the Anywhere Theatre website and register your space for FREE.
  2. If you want to include existing events or workshops you’ve already scheduled, you can register for $250 or $150.
  3. We help to match acts based on your venue, availability and the types of shows that interest you.
  4. You provide the space rent free to the performers and an agreement is signed between you and the performer to ensure the arrangement is clear.
  5. The program listing is confirmed with you by the show producer.
  6. You are invited to the launch even on  14 March 2017 .
  7. You are provided with posters, programs for your space and customers as well as an agreed number of complimentary tickets
  8. All advanced ticket sales are made through the Anywhere Theatre website so any enquiries to you will  be directed straight to us.
  9. The show producer runs through a risk assessment plan with you to ensure any potential risks are covered.
  10. We provide a list of ticket purchasers to the show producer for each night of the performance and an Anywhere banner so people know where to find your place..
  11. The show producer works with you to determine the best way to take any ticket sales on the night.